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Batteries we have currently in stock are listed in the table below. Click here to view the Century Batteries fitment guide.

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– More available by special order including Mower, Golf Buggy & Marine 

All batteries are not created equal!

Century car and passenger vehicle batteries lead the industry in design, performance and reliability. Derived from over 85 years of manufacturing and technical expertise, they incorporate an array of advanced design features and specialist internal components to deliver longer life and superior performance in Australia’s extreme climate and harsh conditions.

The Century car and passenger vehicle range includes a diverse selection of Low Maintainable and Maintenance Free batteries which exceed the demands of the latest generation of vehicles.

Technical Tips
* Vibration can reduce a battery’s life. Always use an approved battery clamp to limit vibration. Century batteries are built tough, using robust internal components to resist damage through abrasion and puncture from vehicle vibration.
* Many alleged ‘dead batteries’ are merely flat batteries. Drivers simply leave lights on or can have faulty voltage regulators.
* Ensure your battery is properly tested before replacing a battery.
* It’s impossible to know exactly when a battery might fail. A slow starting engine is sometimes an indication.
* Old batteries can give trouble in colder weather.
* Equally, if an engine area becomes overheated in very hot weather and the battery is under strain from air conditioners it may fail. Regular battery checks are always advised.

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